21st June 2024 info@mahlangungattorneys.co.za
Our Vision:

To provide a client focussed and orientated legal service which is result driven on the backdrop of sound legal service. To become the ideal small to medium size practice with the ability represent its clients (big and small) efficiently, prudently and effectively without abandoning its base. To further become an incubator for potential practitioners and to provide the requisite guidance and mentorship to future legal practitioners.

Our Mission:

To achieve the Vision the Firm will strive to:

  • Be client focussed and orientated;
  • Be result driven;
  • Provide a varied scope of services for its client and client retention;
  • Maintain a sound employment and employee relationship;
  • Create easy access to its clients and potential clients;
  • Maintain the efficiency that will attract and maintain a sound client base;
  • Develop sound financial and accounting systems;
  • Develop sound and effective employment relations standards;
  • Be market conscious and relevant;
  • Maintain a sound personnel development and incentive program;
  • Be the preferred firm for clients;
  • Be a fair adversary and competitor;
  • Maintain a sound communication strategy with clients and stakeholders.